© 2019, DISCnet            DISCnet is the Data Intensive Science Centre in SEPnet, and an STFC Centre for Doctoral Training;  a collaboration between

the Universities of Southampton, Sussex, Portsmouth, Queen Mary University of London, and Open University


DISCnet PhD Student Opportunities

All students funded through DISCnet (core students) have 3.5 years of research funding, plus an additional 6 months of industrial placements on data-intensive science outside their PhD research. In 2017 we recruited 15 students, while in 2018 we have expect to have funding for 16 new students.

In addition any PhD student undertaking a data intensive research project at any of the SEPnet departments can enrole in DISCnet and undertake our training programme.  For example in 2017 SEPnet has at least 33 STFC PhD students across all departments, many of which will be data intensive.

Key facts:

  • Programme intensity: full time

  • Languages: English

  • Delivery mode: On campus

Admission requirements:

  • English language requirements

  • In order to satisfy visa requirements, this programme may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English. Please refer to individual recruitment procedures at the enrolling universities.

Academic requirements:

  • We normally require a first class honours BSc degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline, and/or relevant experience

Tuition Fee:

  • Free. Some of the funded studentships follow EU/EEA tuition funding eligibility, while some include international tuition fees

Application Deadlines:

  • Each department has its own deadlines for applications, many in February

  • We recommend being prepared to submit your application before the end of January

To apply please approach the DISCnet institutions directly: